Children's Charity in Haiti


The three main goals of Les Couleurs Charity are to inspire, educate and empower children who come from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds and have very few educational opportunities to thrive. With our CREATE Program, we give them the tools to unleash their wonderful creative energy, make them feel empowered and appreciated, and teach them skills that will create artistic opportunities or careers for them. Children thus inspired feel and express so much joy and it tremendously helps their overall cognitive development as well. Our group arts projects make children create stronger bonds with each other and yet it also enhances their individual talents and skills. As a result, we strongly believe that our CREATE program makes a big difference in the lives of those children. Looking at the happy faces, seeing their art and hearing their stories, makes us feel inspired every day to continue developing and expanding our mission.





We believe that to achieve a long lasting change and to break a cycle of poverty we should in children's education, because they are the future. We believe in strong local partnerships and understanding the needs of the communities we serve. We collaborate with local schools, orphanages and share the best and most efficient practices.

We invest into the training of our local teachers so the can provide better quality education to the children they work with. Our teachers are trained by local professionals and become role models and mentors to the most disadvantaged children. That way we create a cycle of continuous learning that trickles down from local educated professionals all the way to the most vulnerable children.




We aim to inspire, educate and empower underprivileged children through arts education and creativity




Where We work?

Currently there are 1,000 children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and 300 children in Mexico City, Mexico  enrolled into  CREATE program. Our local teachers visit each orphanage or school  twice a week and work with children for 1-2 hours.  

Cuajimalpa, Mexico City

Cuajimalpa, Mexico City

Casa Daya, Mexico City

Casa Daya, Mexico City