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Our Events

Les Couleurs co-founders, Aura and Raminta, started the charity by organizing color-themed events that connected young professionals from various social circles in New York with one goal: party with a purpose, make an impact. The color theme relates to child's crayons in a box that always offer the promise of a playful artistic endeavor. 

Nowadays our events are elegant soirees in beautiful venues with accomplished local artists, yet we still keep the playful color-theme true to our spirits. 

Host your own "color" event, spread the word!

Hosting your own Les Couleurs "color" event is a great way to support the work we are doing as well as to have fun while doing it! By hosting an event you will build awareness, increase our base support and raise money to support out students in Haiti.

You can host a gala, a music soiree, a gallery opening, arts picnic or  - any color-theme event that respectfully promotes arts education program for underprivileged children. Download the application form here (Word).


Host Your Own "Color Event"

You can do it and we will assist you