Our Story

Organization was born in 2014, when two Lithuanians, Aura Copeland and Raminta Lilaite went to Haiti for the first time. During their first trip they visited several  schools and orphanages, spoke with their directors and tried to understand where and how they could make an impact in the lives of the most vulnerable children.

During one of such visits in the most violent Cite-Soleil neighborhood, they witnessed a group of boys who spontaneously started making music with self-made instruments. Very soon, other kids started gathering around, singing, dancing and a complete transformation was happening before their eyes.



This was the moment when the idea for CREATE was born. A month later Aura went back to Port-au-Prince where she started teaching art and design classes herself at two orphanages. Eventually she started hiring and training local teachers, expanding the curriculum and enrolling more and more orphanages into the CREATE, - arts, design, music, dance and English language program.

Founder/CEO  Aura Copeland




Aura Copeland, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Aura Copeland, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Our Team

New York City - Miami - Port-au-Prince - Mexico City

Aura Copeland, Founder/CEO

Events Committee New York: Anita Covic, Danijela Lazarevic, Yoeli Goldstein

Events Committee Miami: Andrew Forbes, Anthony Concepcion

 Gina Wright, Ambassador in Miami

Anna Serova, Art Advisor (Miami)

Monica Philipson, Art Advisor (Mexico)

Louis Olny, Teacher's Coordinator in Haiti

Pedro Erwing Perez Lopez, Teacher's Coordinator in Mexico